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Ajija iho Machine BTF-III

Ajija iho Machine BTF-III

Awọn ofin ifijiṣẹ:EXW, FCA, FAS, FOB, CFR, CIF, CPT, CIP, DAT, DAP, DDP

owo:30% isanwo isalẹ nipasẹ T / T, iwọntunwọnsi isalẹ ṣaaju gbigbe.

Akoko asiwaju:witin 10-35 ọjọ lẹhin gbigba isalẹ owo.

Ẹri:laarin odun kan lati ọjọ ti B/L.

  • Akopọ
  • paramita
  • lorun
  • Ibatan si awọn Ọja
Aluminum casting mold, light weight and easy to replace.
Fixed length cutting system, free to set the output.
PLC control, automatic turning.
HNo noise, no sparks.
Multiple safety protection, CE standard.
The thickness can be up to 2.0mm.

The spiral duct machine BTF-III is widely used in air conditioning ducts. And prefabricated pipes for construction works. High standards to meet customer needs, a number of safety protection measures, cast aluminum molds. More automation. Minimize labor intensity and maximize production efficiency. It is the best choice for high standards.

data imọ-

Iwọn opin opin

¢80 mm – ¢1600mm

Ibusun Nipọn

Wala ti Galvanized

0.4 -1.3mm

Irin ti ko njepata




Iwọn Iwọn

Boṣewa 137mm

0.4-1.0 mm

Boṣewa 140mm

1.1-1.3 mm

Titiipa Seam

Outside lock seam, or inside on request

Iyara Titẹ

Max.60 m/min. depending on material

Ige System

Slitting cutter



apa miran

Main ẹrọ

1900 * 2050 * 1500mm


1780 * 1130 * 1250mm

Run-out table

2700 * 950 * 1200mm

Gba IN Fọwọkan